Top 10 Reasons to Visit China

China is a charming, amazing, and incredibly vast country, being the third-largest territory in the world. The most inspiring reason to visit China is that you can do various experiences, such as enjoy the stunning landscape, explore the Chinese history and culture, taste the incredible Chinese food, visit the famous Great Wall, and take photos with cute giant pandas. We have detailed below the top 10 reasons you should visit China.

1. Enjoy Breathtaking Landscapes

China boasts the third-largest territory in the world. Due to the vast amount of land, you can experience pretty much any type of landscape in China, from northwestern deserts to southeastern beaches, from majestic mountains to green plains, from the frozen ice and snow world in Harbin to the warm tropics of Xishuangbanna. China is a large treasure with endless incredible landscapes that are all worth exploring.

2. Explore 5,000 Years of History and Multiple Cultures

Very few countries can boast having such a rich and splendid history and culture as China. China is one of the four great ancient civilizations, with a long history of more than 5,000 years. Chinese civilization had been displayed to the world since the Silk Road was supported by the government of the Han Dynasty. Today, numerous famous Chinese cultural representations are well-known by people throughout the world. For example, China's kung fu, tai chi, delicious food, tea, porcelain, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, and giant Buddhas.

3. Meet Kind and Warm-Hearted Chinese People

As the most populous country in the world, you can see plenty of people in a day. But don't worry about that as most Chinese people are kind and warm-hearted toward foreigners. You’ll find that they want to chat and take photos with you. If you need any help, you can ask the local people for help and they will try their best to help you. Don't forget to take a translator with you.

4. Discover Diverse Minority People and Customs

Another interesting experience in China is to explore the various minorities and local lifestyles. China has 55 ethnic minorities in different areas and their multiple cultural customs are maintained. Most tourists prefer to explore the lifestyle of the Mosuo people in Yunnan Province, being one of "the world's last matrilineal societies", to see the long-haired Yao women and the Zhuang people's wooden houses at Guilin’s Longji Rice Terraces, to visit the Miao village in Guizhou, and to meet the devout people in Tibet.

5. Taste Incredible Chinese Food

If you have had a bad experience with Chinese food before, you mustn't miss the chance to try genuine Chinese food. The 55 ethnic minorities have created different cuisines and these also vary across provinces and landscapes. For example, the people in North China prefer noodles as their staple diet but rice is the staple food in the south. Sichuan, Chongqing, and Hunan are known for spicy food while coastal regions in the east favor sweet food and seafood. You can also discover various snacks on the streets, such as Chinese barbecue (shaokao), fried potatoes, and tofu.

6. A Luxurious Trip or Budget-Friendly Travel

Asia is always one of the best choices for those who are on a budget, and China is panoramic and representative of Asia. Once you have booked a cheap flight to China, you can start a cultural and historic journey while feasting your eyes on the scenery. There are numerous hotel and restaurant options and you can follow in many travelers' footsteps. Moreover, China's railway network has spread to all corners of China and you can get almost anywhere by taking a train. It's also cheap when traveling on a budget. Of course, if you would rather enjoy a more luxurious trip, China also has modern and well-developed facilities to satisfy your needs.

7. Modern Development and a Mature Tourism Industry

In the largest cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen, you can feel the modern atmosphere everywhere with the high rises, amazing skylines, and 5-star hotels. The tourism industry is mature in most of the tourist cities, such as Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. Travel in China is easier than ever before. Moreover, the high-speed railway has become more popular with foreign travelers. It's more convenient to travel this way rather than on a flight as the speed reaches between 250 and 350 kph. China is a large, seemingly endless country, so you can explore several cities easily by taking a high-speed train journey or a flight.

8. Have Fun Buying Products in Amazing Markets

China is also a popular country to go shopping in because it offers a wide variety of products, such as tea, silk, curios, calligraphy, and other handcrafted items. With great deals offered on almost everything from clothes to electronics, you may need to take an extra suitcase if you are excited about going shopping. Don't forget to bargain with the sellers to ensure you get extra discounts.

9. Pandas, the Great Wall, and the Terracotta Army

You probably already know some of China’s famous symbols. The cute giant pandas are adored by most people and are China's national treasure. It's interesting to take photos with them and you may have the opportunity to take care of them for a day as a volunteer. Hiking the Great Wall is also a must-do activity in Beijing. It's usually the first stop for travelers. See the majestic Great Wall snake across the mountains. Being hidden in the ground for over 2,000 years, the Terracotta Army is like a visual history book that proves the rich and long history of China.

10. You Can Explore China Alone

Don't worry about the long distance, the language barrier, and the cultural difference — they will not be an issue if you are planning a vacation in China. Hearing and seeing the totally different language in China is a special experience. Moreover, Chinese people are friendly and you can ask them for help if you need to. You can easily find direct international flights to China even though China is a long way from your home country. You can visit some cities in China for 72 hours or 144 hours without a visa if you transit through them, such as Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Guilin.

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