Who is Trippest?

Trippest provides quality standardized fragmented tourism solutions in China and Southeast Asia, including classic and innovative day trips, fun activities, sightseeing, must-dos and must-sees, tickets, and transfer services. It helps you get ideas when planning a trip and make easy decisions while traveling.

Trippest ensures you a good travel experience, from when you visit the website to giving feedback after the tour. You'll receive the high effective customer care service - one-click booking, secure payment, advance notice, nice trip experience, and user-friendly feedback approach. Real-time interaction with online staff, making you feel hassle-free!

Trippest likes communicating with you, listening to and respecting your advice. Besides the traditional contact ways like phone and email, we tend to real-time communication such as WeChat or WhatsApp. Easier to get help and information!

Trippest meets all your travel needs. You may find that on trippest.com there’re not enough products of some city. The reasons may be that there’re not suitable day trips or it’s more fit for a tailor-made trip to that destination. Please leave us an inquiry about your ideas. Trippest will provide suggestions and services for you!

Our Development History


Trippest Beijing Day Tours were launched on chinahightlights.com.

Trippest of Beijing ranked 3rd on TripAdvisor in December.


Shanghai Day Tours were online.

We provided wonderful tour services for over 5800 customers.


Trippest.com were online.

Added 8 distribution channels.

Over 9600 customers chose our tour products.


We has won these awards:Top 10 Inbound Travel Agencies - Awarded by China Association of Travel Services

2019 Certificate of Excellence - Awarded by Tripadvisor.


New Version Website of Trippest was online.

And we are making the future full of endless possibilities...


Our Story

Before setting up Trippest, we worked in Chinahighlights, the first outstanding inbound customization brand in China, for 11 years. We offered services for hotel booking and transport tickets, and we were commissioned to sell coach tours as well. We had 300,000 clients from all over the world.

In the process of product operation and user communication, we found that there’re limited travel products to meet the diversity of customers’ demands. The two most common options are the low-cost coach tour and the high-priced customized tour.

Those people who travel alone, travel with friends, or couples, probably choose a low-price coach tour for its convenience and saving money. It seems that they spend very little money to experience a one-day trip. But as we all know, the selling price can hardly cover the costs of a one-day tour, including the transport, guide’s salary, tickets, meals and so on.

From the point of business, to make the coach tour products keep continuous operation and make profits, on the one hand, it is inevitable sell with a price far below the cost to attract customers; and on the other hand, the itinerary will include shopping stores to make up for the cost gap.

From the point of customers, the biggest risk and loss are time and experience. Being taken to extra shopping sites or self-pay attractions during a trip reduces your time of visiting the sights. Group Effect may cause you to spend much money on what you don't really need at the shopping points. Besides, the pressure of the cost gap will negatively affect the tour guide on their service attitude and motivation, while more attention is paid to the interest of the kickback, which deviates from the service itself. Of course, this might be a good choice for those who simply want to pass the time or have low demands for travel quality rather than a wonderful travel experience.

Customized services can perfectly solve these problems and guarantee the quality of travel experience. However, it usually means higher prices and longer communication. It’s more suitable for a family trip, company employees’ team travel, honeymoon travel, or so.

For most guests, if they could either plan their trips in advance or just decide what to do on their arrival of the destination, or even if they had to change their plans temporarily without too much loss, shall it be easier to make a travel decision?

To solve the problem…

2015 - We tried to start from the classic one-day tour in Beijing, China, and developed the first Trippest products in the way of 6 people in a group. And we tested to sell on ChinaHighlights.com.

2016 - We added the products of Shanghai One-day Tour and received the real experience feedback of 5,800 customers this year.

2017Trippest Brand and its website were born! The real customers increased to 10,000. Many users gave us the most authentic feedback, helping us to continuously optimize the process and improve the reception quality.

2018 – Trippest was awarded Excellence on TripAdvisor. The recognition and suggestions from our customers drove us to expand our products to more cities and countries, develop more product categories, and provide customers with more efficient processes and warmer communication mediums.

2019 - Trippest products covered the 19 most popular major cities in China and Southeast Asian countries and regions. The product extended from classic one-day tours to half-day tours and fun activities of a few hours. Theme tours include walking tours, biking tours, food tours, and so on. Cruise transfers and shore excursions were also popular and received positive evaluations by clients. According to customers’ experience and actual feedbacks after the trip, our tour types expanded from only Mini Group to Private Tour, only Day Trip to Multiday Package Tour.

We do know that user needs are changing, and the travel environment is also changing. We'll make the classic itineraries of good quality, innovate with the eyes of discovery, listen to users' voices, and cherish users' feedback.

Trippest travels with you, fearless of difficulty and keep forward. We make all efforts to offer you a wonderful day!