Two Rivers and Four Lakes - Scenic Spots and Night Cruise Tips

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenic area is located near the center of the picturesque city of Guilin. Rivers and mountains are definitely the highlights of Guilin. During an evening, taking a cruise and seeing the scenery at night from one of the rivers is the most enjoyable experience.

What are the Two Rivers and Four Lakes?

  • The Two Rivers: the Li River and the Taohua River (the Peach Bloom River)
  • The Four Lakes: Shan Lake, Rong Lake, Gui Lake, and Mulong Lake
liangjiangsihu In Rong Lake area

Scenic Spots You Should Visit

After a delicious local dinner, walking around the Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenic area is cool and interesting. Here are five sights you can't miss:

1. Shan Lake and Rong Lake

  • Key words: the most well-known, beautiful trees, and night scenery
  • Location: in the city center at Ronghu North Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin, Guangxi Province

Linked with Yang Bridge, Rong Lake and Shan Lake are divided into two sections. The east section is Shan Lake, which is famous for its fir trees, while the west section is Rong Lake, which is popular because of the ancient banyan trees. The trees and lakes shine and are charming when the lights reflect on them at night. The special Guilin mountains, accompanied by the lakes and trees, give the appearance of a classic Chinese painting.

2. The Sun and Moon Pagodas

  • Key words: landmark of Shan Lake
  • Location: in the middle of Shan Lake

The Sun and Moon Pagodas is the most representative landmark of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenic area. The bronze tower is called the Sun Pagoda while the glazed tower is called the Moon Pagoda. They stand there side by side, just like a romantic couple.

liangjiangsihu The Sun and Moon Pagodas

3. A Thousand-Year-Old Banyan Tree

  • Key words: ancient thousand-year-old tree
  • Location: the west section of Ronghu North Road

It's very special to see a thousand-year-old banyan tree, which was planted in the Song Dynasty (960–1279). There is a record in a book stating that a local poet named Fuweng wrote a poem under this ancient tree, which is proof of how old this tree is. Although a thousand years have passed, it still has luxuriant foliage and is full of vitality.

4. Gui Lake

  • Key words: city moat, Chinese-style bridges, and fresh air
  • Location: Zhongshan North Road, Guilin, Guangxi Province

In the Song Dynasty, Gui Lake was the city moat in Guilin. Nowadays, it covers 1,700 meters from its northern to southern point. Various flowers and trees are planted there, so it's relaxing and enjoyable to have a nighttime stroll around Gui Lake.

5. Mulong Lake

  • Key words: harmonious, historic, and traditional architectures
  • Location: Zhongshan North Road, Guilin, Guangxi Province

Different from other lakes in Guilin, Mulong Lake is more ancient and has a historic atmosphere. You can not only visit the main architectural structure – Mulong Tower – but you can also explore Guilin’s scenery, history, culture, and traditional architectures.

liangjiangsihu Mulong lake at night

Explore Guilin’s Night Sceneries on a Cruise

Having a nighttime stroll around the Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenic area is a good idea but it's too tiring to walk the entire distance. Therefore, taking a cruise is a popular way for travelers to admire the beautiful night views in this area. Here are some tips for taking a luxury cruise, which includes the two rivers and four lakes.

  • Features: You can experience the harmonious views of the landscape and the city’s night scenery, and feel the historic and cultural atmosphere.
  • Coverage: the Li River, the Taohua River, Rong Lake, Shan Lake, Gui Lake, and Mulong Lake
  • Attractions: Dagoba, Hongqiao Dam, Nanmen Bridge, Xinyi Bridge, Ronghu Hotel, Big Banyan, Beidou Bridge, Yang Bridge, the Sun and Moon Pagodas, Baoji Mountain, Diecai Mountain, Fubo Mountain, and Jiefang Bridge
  • Opening hours:
  • 6pm to 11pm during peak periods (April to October)
  • 7pm to 9:30pm during the off-season periods (November to March)
  • Duration: 80 to 90 minutes
  • Departure intervals: 10 to 30 minutes
  • Price: 210 yuan (32 USD) for an adult and 105 yuan (16 USD) for a child
  • Customer service at the scenic area: 0773-2888802
liangjiangsihu The Glass Bridge

Where to Take a Cruise?

Wenchang Bridge Dock Transportation:

  • Take bus 2, 16, or 23 and get off at Wenchang Bridge Station or Xiangshan Park Station.
  • To take a taxi, use this helpful translated phrase:

“我要去两江四湖文昌桥码头.” “I want to go to Two River and Four Lakes' Wenchang Bridge Dock."

Yuren Dock Transportation:

  • Take bus 10, 11, 14, 18, or 31 and get off at Jiefang Bridge.
  • To take a taxi, use this helpful translated phrase:

“我要去两江四湖渔人码头.” “I want to go to Two River and Four Lakes' Yuren Dock."

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