Chongqing Walking Tour: Fascinating 3D Megacity

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How to plan a trip includes tasty food, mountainous landscapes, metropolis, historic, and magic? Well, definitely Chongqing. The city has several monikers includes 3D megacity, hot pot city, mountain city, and foggy city.

Known both domestically and abroad as the birthplace of spicy hot pot, Chongqing hosts over 50,000 restaurants specializing in the cuisine and it also referred to as "hot pot city".

Region's misty, as Chongqing experiences nearly 100 foggy days per year, it goes by the name of "the foggy city".

Due to the area's mountainous landscapes, this mountain city is endowed with intircate viaducts and endless steps on the hillside alleyways, even though you have the best map navigation, you still might get lost.

As the largest city in Southwest China, Chongqing accommodates centurial residential buildings, coupled with Chongqing's towering, modern skyline, being full of cyberpunk. When you trip ends, I trust you tend to agree there's a unique feel to Chongqing, an allure not found in other major Chinese cities.


The 1st Stop: Liziba Light Rail Station

Here you can see the famous scence that light rail goes through the residential building.

The 2nd Stop: E'ling Park

This was the private courtyard of Li Yaoting, the richest man in the southwest China in 1910s - 40s. It is super large. There is a seven-storey tower in the park, standing on the top of the tower, you can see Chongqing in 360 degrees.

The 3rd Stop: Huangguan Escalator

The second longest escalator in Asia, more than 100 meters, it has been featured in many Chinese films and TV shows, including Better Days, which is one of nominees of Academy Award for BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM 2021.

The 4th Stop: Yangtze River Cableway

The cable car crossing the Yangtze River was once the main form of transport between Yuzhong District and Nan'an District in Chongqing. Nowadays, it has become a popular tourist attraction for those looking to enjoy spectacular river views. But in our tour, we only see the cableway at a distance and do not ride it, because the cableway is always long in line and the experience is not good, very crowded in a small carriage. If you want to ride it, you can choose another time by yourself. We will take a photo of the Yangtze River Cableway at a place that does not exist on the map, and it is difficult for outsiders to find it.

The 5th Stop: Baixiangju Community

Built on the hillside in 1992, with a sense of the times. And what's even more surprising to you, this 24-storey residential building has no elevators, nearly 300 families are living here, go up and down every day. But the building itself is unique in that there are 3 exits connecting 3 different streets, prevent climbing stairs. The Yangtze River cableway can be seen in the middle of the corridor.

The 6th Stop: Chaotianmen Wholesale Market

This is the most representative place in Chongqing where the transtition from the old to the new, being filled with a sense of cyberpunk science fiction. Also, this is where "bangbang" army of the proters are the most concentrated. It is very close to Raffles City (Chaotianmen Pier), we will take a break here.

The 7th Stop: Hongya Cave

The site itself is over 2,000 years old and has been restored time and time again to preserve its beauty. One of the most renowned place to watch Chongqing's night view, and the most crowded scenic spot. Therefore, Hongya Cave is always jammed with traffic and tourists at night. We willl take a short cut to Hongya Cave which you can't find in the navigation, and skip the queuing line.

The 8th Stop: Zuoying Pedestrian Overpass

This pedestrian overpass is about 40 meters above the ground, connects two residential buildings, from one side on the 1st floor to the other on the 22nd floor. It is said to be at one end is the upper half part of city, at the other is the lower half part of city. 

The Last Stop: Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street

The only monument in China to commemorate the victory of the World War II, is now one of the more famous pedestrian streets in Chongqing, with a beautiful night view. Tour will end here. 

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