Eat with Locals: 3-Hour Shanghai Breakfast Street Food Tour

  • Approx. 3 hours
  • Daily
  • Private tour



If you are tired of eating hotel breakfasts and want to try something new, you must try this tour! To have a great start to your day, your local guide will take you into the alleyways where you can search for the most popular local snacks that are only served for a few hours each day. Get ready to eat like a local! You will have a chance to taste the local breakfast dishes known as the "Four Guardians", which include four kinds of snack, and go to an old restaurant dating back to 1932 to taste a shengjian (pan-fried bun). You will also have a chance to try some rice cake and a kebab.


Da Hu Chun Shengjian

How To Eat: Shanghainese prefer to eat Shengjian accomanied by a bowl of hot beef noodle soup taken from the pan, the fried pork buns bring the smell of meat, scallions and sesame. Now except the pork minced ones, there are also ones with shrimp,beef or chicken fillings.

Xinjiang Lamb Kebabs

Lamb skewers, or chuan, are similar to Middle Eastern style lamb kebabs, but vary in the size of the cut and the way they' re seasoned. To make the cheap lamb kabobs extra juicy, they place small chunks of fat between each piece of meat. The fat mostly melts away on the grill, leaving caramelized crispy bits that burst in your mouth with savory juice.

Hongchangxing Pan-fried Beef Dumplings

Chinese pan-fried dumplings are fried and then steamed in water. This two-stage cooking process gives the dumplings a crispy bottom, soft top, and juicy filling.

Shanghai Fresh Ribs with Rice Cake

Spare Ribs with Rice Cakes is an affordable and unique Han Flavor snack in Shanghai. It is an important part of Shanghai culture. Up till now, it has a history of more than 50 years. Two ingredients of spare ribs with rice cakes-ribs and rice cakes have a high nutritional value.

Doujiang - Soybean Milk

The soy beans are completely soaked in clean water and then crushed into slúrry for filtration. After boiling the essence from filtration with adequate water, the soybean milk is done. It could be either sweet or salty, while the shanghainese preferentially love salty soybean milk mixed with dried small shrimp's minced chive, laver, delicious soy sauce and other ingredients.

Youtiao - Deep Fried Dough Stick

The long strip of dough is deep fried in a pot as first and gradually becomes inflated. When it turns golden on both sides and floats up to the surface of the oil. Youtiao is done. It is highly recommended to taste Youtiao while it's hot, and the Shanghainese also prefer to eat it with soy sauce.It brings a crispy and fluffy taste.

Know Before You Book

What's Included?

  • Local English-speaking foodie tour guide.
  • 4-5 types of breakfast food

What's Excluded?

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off service
  • Tipping of guide recommended on good service
  • Any other personal expenses during tour.

Additional Info

  • This tour has no pick-up service, you have to make your way to our meeting point.
  • We also can provide an additional transfer service from your hotel to meeting point, or your hotel to airport/train station, let us know while we are happy to help you arrange it.
  • Come hungry. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Cancellation Policy

  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 48 hours or less before event.
  • Ours operate rain or shine. In periods of extreme or unsafe weather, we will discuss with you for alternative arrangements or cancel the tour at our discretion and provide a refund.
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Adult (age 2-80)


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