Half Day Great Wall at Mutianyu Hiking Tour

Hiking up the most beautiful section of the Great Wall at Mutianyu just in several hours

“As one of the World Wonders, the Great Wall of China is a must-visit attraction for first-time visitors to China. If you have limited time or layover in Beijing, now it is possible to visit the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu which is the most beautiful section of the Great Wall just within few hours with us. Round-way pick-up and drop-off, featured lunch included, time-smart itinerary, informative guide and services make your trip a memorable one! ”

David Deng, the product manager of Trippest

Reasons for booking this tour

Hiking up to the most beautiful part of Great Wall at Mutianyu at ease with round-way cable car.

Hotel pick-up and drop-off included make your trip worry-free!

Enjoy authentic Beijing local foods in our well-selected local restaurants.

Time-smart itinerary with informative and friendly guides.

Real small groups with no more than 6 travelers to ensure a better trip experience, no shopping, no time-wasting at all.


Know before you go

Suitable time for the trip: this trip is suitable for travellers all year round, but it would be a little bit cold and challenging in winter (from Nov. - Feb.) for outdoor activities.

Suitable group: this trip is suitable for all age range.

Friendly to disabled: we could provide wheelchair for disabled people if needed and all the attractions are friendly to disabled.

Group Size: this is a small group tour with no more than 6 travellers in the group.

Dressing Code: Casual, a little bit walking and hiking, suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes with sun glasses.

Tipping Notes: it is not required to tipping but it would be a great encouragement for them if you give CNY 50 -100 to your guide and driver if you are satisfied with their services.

Pick-up and Drop-off Area: The pick-up and drop-off area should be within the fourth ring road of Beijing. For further distance an extra cost might be added for the transfer which you'll be notified by your travel advisor.

Trip Route Map

Hotel pick-up Have lunch at Xinshuangquan restaurant

You will meet your guide at your hotel lobby at the appointed time and drive to the foot of the Great Wall at Mutianyu for about 1.5 hours. You'll stop at a restaurant near the Great Wall called Xinshuangquan which is famous for its delicious Beijing local food. You'll enjoy lunch at Xinshuangquan and get refreshed for the hiking trip to the Great Wall at Mutianyu.

Good to know:

  • How do I know the pick-up time? It's easy! You can now track your trip details including your tour guide, driver and pick up time on-line! Just click this link: http://www.trippest.com/track-your-trip.html and input your order number then you'll get all the details. Please remind that the information will be updated only 24 hours ahead of your tour date. If you failed in getting the information, please try to contact your trip advisor or call us at: +86-13910694045.
  • Why we decide to have lunch before the hiking? Please don't forget that we are gonna hike the Great Wall, and there are no shops on the Wall. It's necessary to recharge your energy before the hike.
  • Why we choose Xinshuangquan for lunch? One of the major reasons beside the delicious food is by eating at Xinshuangquan we can drive our own vehicle to the foot of the Great Wall to save your precious time while others have to wait for the public transfer bus to the foot of the Great Wall.

Hike the Great Wall at Mutianyu (including cable car or toboggan)

After lunch we’ll start our hike to the Great Wall. We have prepared drinks and hiking equipments like walking pole at Trippest Refreshment Kiosk as your guide if you need them.

Instead of walking the boring steps to the Wall we offer two better options to up and down the Wall: take round-way cable car or round-way chairlift (or toboggan). You can decide which option you prefer. By taking this way, you can save more than 30 minutes than stepping to the top.

Cable car ascends to and descends from the 14th watchtower. Then walk east to the 23rd watchtower which is the most beautiful part of the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. It would be a little bit challenging to hike from the 6th watchtower to 23rd watchtower.

Most of our customers would like to choose the chairlift up, hike from 6th watchtower to 14th watchtower and turn back to 6th watchtower. Then take a toboggan down the mountain which is much of fun! (But if you want to take one-way cable car and one way chairlift or toboggan, you need to pay the price difference of CNY 80 per person at your own expense.)

Good to know:

  • Why we choose to visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu in the afternoon? The major reason is we could avoid (the worst of the) crowds on the Great Wall and traffic jams by visiting in the afternoon. So that you don't have to spend your precious time just for waiting the endless traffic jam.

Return to your hotel in Beijing

Arrive at the foot of the Great Wall and take a shuttle bus to the parking lot. You will be transferred back to your hotel at approximately 6:00 pm. You may follow us on our Facebook page to see the latest updates, photos and posts from your tour guide at: https://www.facebook.com/trippest/

Adult (age 12+) Child (age 2 – 11) Infant (age < 2)
$89 USD $79 USD Free

Price Include:

  • Admission to the Great Wall at Mutianyu.
  • Round-way cable car or round-way chairlift and toboggan. (If you want to take one way cable car and one way chairlift or toboggan, you need to pay the price difference CNY80 per person at your own expense.)
  • Transport between attractions, including pickup and return to your hotel.
  • English-speaking local guide service.
  • Lunch at Xinshuangquan Restaurant.

Price Exclude:

  • Airport transfer. Click here to book airport transfer service. (price from 18 USD p/p.)
  • Your personal expenses.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Gratuities to your tour guide & driver (usually CNY 50 - 100 per person). It is not compulsory but would be a great encouragement for them.

Cancellation Policy for Trippest Beijing Tours

  • If we are not able to implement the services that we list in this trip due to war, flood, typhoon, fire, strikes, storm, earthquake, or any other condition we are not able to foresee and avoid, we will inform customers at the first possible opportunity and offer the best possible solutions, and the final bill shall be settled based on the service we actually provide.
  • Up to 7 days before departure: 100% refund of all money paid, excluding penalties charged by hotels, railways, airlines, and PayPal, if applicable. All penalties will be itemized.
  • From 3 to 7 days before departure: 90% refund, excluding penalties charged by hotels, railways, airlines, and PayPal, if applicable. All penalties will be itemized.
  • Within 3 days before departure: no refund.
  • After the trip has commenced, we are unable to refund any amount for cancelled services due to non-participation, early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours.
  • For groups of more than 10 people: The terms for cancellation may vary from case to case. Please ask your travel advisor regarding the cancellation policy for your group.

About Beijing 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit Policy

  • Citizens of certain countries who meet the criteria are allowed 72-hour visa-free transit via and travel in nine China cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Guilin, Shenyang, and Dalian. Please make sure you have read the detailed Visa-free policies before you decide to take the Visa-free policy. And please keep in mind that Trippest does not take any resposibility for the risk or loss of customer who use the Visa-free policy.

Last Minute Booking of Trippest Beijing Tours

  • All the bookings are required to be placed at least 48 hours in advance before your trip start so that we may have enough time to make the arrangement. However, it might be possible that there are several seats available with the last 48 hours. So please do make us a phone call at: +86-13910694045 to check the availability for the last minute booking.


"Mutianyu half day Great Wall Tour"

Reviewed May 27, 2017

I am usually and independent traveler and rarely ever book a tour to see the sights where ever I may be visiting. However, after a lot of research and soul searching we decided it would be best to book a tour to the Great Wall insteasd of trying it on our own. We took the half day Mutianyu Great Wall tour on May 18th. Our guide, Vicky, met us at the hotel and after two stops to pick up other guests we headed for the Great Wall. The van was spacious and comfortable. We stopped for lunch at a really nice restaurant with an excellent menu. Lunch was included in the tour price and there was no skimping at the restaurant on what we were allowed to order, in fact we ordered more than the five of us could eat. We arrived at the Great Wall and made our way to the cable cars. This tour did turn out to be quite a strenuous walk for some people, in fact two of the group weren't able to venture too far out along the wall. The three of us who made it all the way to the end were quite winded by the time we climbed the last steep section to watch tower 23. I am a 57 yr. old male in fair health, a little heavy for my age but I do a lot of walking so I was able to go the distance. Vicky was a wonderful guide, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I would not recommend this tour for anyone. The hike to watch tower 23 was strenuous but you could stop anytime you wanted to and wait for the rest of the group to return. The views were spectacular, it was the highlight of our one week stay in Beijing, Overall, for me, it was an excellent tour. I would recommend China HIghlights and not hesitate to tour with them again in the future. This was the only guided tour we took in Beijing and I'm glad we did it.

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"Two Great Day Tours - Beijing & Great Wall"

Reviewed July 11, 2017

Because severe rain caused the Great Wall to be shut down, I split Beijing tour being split into two separate one-day tours, I had two different tours guides, Cactus and Dream, and both were excellent.

With Cactus, I visited Tian’anmen Square, the Forbidden City, Temple Heaven, and Jinshang Park. The day was to have included the Great Wall, but being closed due to weather, Cactus quickly improvised and substituted Jinshang Park and Temple Heaven.

She provided excellent information about all venues our group visited. In many ways, Cactus went above the call of duty. Our group included a family with a three-year-old daughter. Cactus was excellent to engage and entertain the little girl. Three of our group decided to see an acrobatic performance in the evening, outside of our tour package, and Cactus not only arranged the tickets but transportation to the venue, stayed at the theater during the performance and then arranged a taxi to deliver us all back to our individual hotels, even riding the entire journey with us – well into the evening and far beyond the call of duty. Her concern to provide us with the best possible experience in Beijing was exemplary. I highly recommend Cactus. She kept conversation lively during our van rides around town and taking into consideration a variety of food tastes, she ordered a lunch that suited all of the tour group.

Because my schedule called me for to return to Beijing before leaving China, I was able to see the Great Wall. Cactus had personally coordinated with the head office to arrange for me to join a tour group at a later day for half a day.

Dream was my Great Wall tour guide. Coincidentally, this tour group also included a three-year-old girl. Dream was not only attentive, but protectively watching out as the little girl decided to play with a dog and cats at the Great Wall. Dream is extremely personable and provided great insight into Chinese culture and life. Dream was able to provide factual commentary on the Great Wall that was quite interesting.

The caveats for this tour are (1) beware that rainy weather can cause the Great Wall to be shut down (beyond the control of China Highlights) and (2) the restaurant chosen for lunch near the Great Wall fell short of the mark – the entire crowd was tourists and the food was incredibly bland.

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Katherine N

"Great Wall Mutianyu Tour"

Reviewed July 3, 2017

Did a half day tour with Smile, in April. She was very knowledgeable and friendly guide. Mutianyu was a good place to see the wall, not so crowded and no hassle from any touts. Would recommend.

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Peter S

"Half day Mutianyu Great Wall tour"

Reviewed July 10, 2017

We are an elderly (I am 82) couple from England who embarked on our visit to Hong Kong and China with some trepidation! We need not have worried though and would urge other OAP's to do likewise. The advice received from Sharon Huang of China Highlights was excellent and sympathetic during the planning stage and we found the Great Wall Tour both fascinating and enjoyable. Our guide for the tour was Cactus who taught us much about its history and was a delightful companion for the afternoon, she contributed greatly to the success of the visit. The included lunch was delicious and a memorable happy occasion. Thank heavens for photography which enables us to recapture such lovely times!

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"Excellent day at Mutianyu"

Reviewed April 29, 2017

My family and I went on a half-day tour to Mutianyu Great Wall with Trippest. Our tour guide was Olivia. It was a very pleasant experience. We set off at 10 am, went for lunch, and then on to the chairlift to go up + slideway to go back down. Olivia and Shao picked us up right on time and drove us to the Mutianyu area. Car and driving were comfortable and Olivia chatted with us on the way there, telling us about Beijing. The one-and-a-half hour journey didn't feel that long at all. Olivia is a very helpful, energetic, and friendly guide. She gave us interesting background about the Great Wall, and cheerfully answered all our questions about China in general, other attractions, etc. She also helped us pick out food in the restaurant (her choices were very delicious). The attraction itself is great. My familly went to another part of the Great Wall a couple years ago, and we were exhausted from the climb. In Mutianyu, they have option to ride chairlift / cable car, so the journey up was pleasant. Once you're up the wall, you would be able to see a nice view of the hills around the area, the Mutianyu villages, and several watchtower in the Wall. Overall very recommended for a nice day out to see the Great Wall..

more details...

Why Book With Trippest?

Go Local!

Experience the real local culture with a local guide!


No text-book recite but interesting and vivid stories and experiences behind every attraction.


Our guide and driver are knowledgeable and friendly! They are willing to serve you with their passion and enthusiasm.

Skip the lines!

Skip the lines at some major attractions (such as the Forbidden City) as a VIP guest!

Real Small Groups!

Our small groups are limited to Max. 6 persons to ensure a better experience and flexibility.

Time-smart Arrangement!

We make full research of each attraction in the itinerary to make sure you don't have to spend unnecessary time on the road.

Well-selected Restaurant!

We choose featured local restaurant where local people loved to taste the most authentic local food!

Comfortable & Safe!

Air-conditioned business car with GPS facilities, big windows, and ample space. Reliable licensed local driver with at least 5 years’ driving experience.

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